Unfit MakeUp

Live Tutorial, in collaboration with Toni Mosebach, 2018

Unfit MakeUp is a live tutorial is a workshop in which we show how to counteract the prescribed application logic of conventional cosmetics.

In this live tutorial Beautyblogger 1 and Beautyblogger 2 show how to support the imperfections of irl life with everyday means. Why do we use lipstick on the lips and eye shadow only on the eyelids? In the workshop Unfit MakeUp we get to know the broader application possibilities of cosmetics, which the cosmetics industry likes to hide.

Beautyblogger 1 to himself: "Hey, life is annoying, yes, I'm not doing well!" How can we give our actual feeling for ourselves more room instead of playing the perfect role in irl life and on social media? Unfit MakeUp offers an opportunity to express the true changing self, that makes us strong. Unfit MakeUp is the cosmetic of resistance.

Unfit MakeUp premiered at the first feat.fem Larp in December 2018 in Leipzig.

Disclaimer: Due to the corona pandemic, it does not make sense for us to hold the workshop anymore, as it is not desirable to look unfit in the face of many sick people.

Unfit MakeUp @ Reading Bodies! Sep 14, Sat - 2019, Sep 15, Sun, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin