KollegiH.jpg, KollegiM.jpg & Tony Uhrsler

Plush Blankets, Wall Clock, Video 4K, 2021

Commissioned by Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden as part of the exhibition project Ortsgespr├Ąche: "Luftmetall", Group Show, 13. Aug - 12 Sep 2021, Galerie Forum K, Plauen

The plush blankets as well as the wall clock feature 3D textures that can be assigned to the animated 3D scans (avatars) in the video. 3D textures are used in computer graphics to represent surfaces. "A 3D texture is a feature that unfolds in three dimensions, assigning a value to each point located in the defined area." (Wikipedia) The 3D textures spread into the exhibition space via the plush blankets and wall clock. Thus the computer program sees the female colleagues, as a flat, deconstructed, distorted and incoherent image: Hej, but now you can sit on it.

"...although flesh and blood can never be translated into signal and noise." (Tony Oursler)

The video work shown is a sneak peek of the upcoming 3rd season of Robotron - a tech opera: the first soap opera set in the computer industry of the GDR, dealing with computer development in a planned economy and everyday life in East Germany. Season 3D is expected to be released on YouTube in fall/winter 2021.