Das Mass der Dinge

Workshop, 2017

Nadja Buttendorf proudly presents the new measurement unit: "the smartphone"! Use your smartphone to measure everything: the length of a table, the size of a screen or how tall are you? "I bought this painting. It's 5 1/2 by 9 iphones big!"

Smartphones change our social and daily life profoundly. It is your new sensory organ, your TV, your newspaper, your bank, your map, your doctor, your lighter, your mechanic's level and your friend who will keep you under surveillance. Mobile is hipper than desktop. The smartphone is always in your hand, if not it's located in the line of sight. An alien, watching the humans, would think a smartphone is an essential characteristic of the human anatomy. I propose to establish the human body as a basic measurements again, like feet, cubit, palm, inch (width of the human thumb) etc. to unite the contradictions of the human body and the digital self.

To measure is an established practice. The standardized unity applied to objects and subjects makes them transparent and comparable. Everyone is measuring all the time to compete, to define a norm and to judge.

EveryBODY is invited to make their own smartphone measurement tape and experiment with the new unit.