Skin Jewellery

A series of unique necklaces in different shades of skin colour made out of silicone for posthuman Postbuddies, 2014

The skin is the boundary between the inside of the body and the outside. It covers and protects the internal organs while being an organ itself. The skin also serves as a social boundary: if something goes under the skin without a medical purpose, it is received with a dismissive attitude.

In the work Skin Jewellery, the skin becomes jewelry and jewelry becomes a part of the body. Jewelry is a prosthesis, a deformation, an add-on, an embellishment of the body, even if it seems to be a limitation of the body. Skin Jewellery puts the skin over the clothes and extends the surface.

Fotos Stefan Büchner

Light Rosy Skin Jewellery, Silicon, d = 19 cm, 2014
Rosy Skin Jewellery, Silicon, d = 16 cm, 2014
Dark Tan Jewellery, Silicon, d = 18 cm, 2014
From Dark Tan to Rosy Skin Jewellery, Silicon, d = 32 cm, 2014
Tan Jewellery, Silicon, d = 36 cm, 2014