A music album about Chemnitz's history of technology and the Chemnitz Plaza!! Volkseigene Beats (VEBs) - You own it!! Commissioned by GEGENWARTEN | PRESENCES Chemnitz 2020
– juicy gdr trap

Lyrics & rap by futuremaps030
Music production/ beats by lil witch global
Beat for Robotron 300 & Import Export by beachboygirl
Mixed & Mastered by Miche Moreno

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1. Preview
2. #frauengel (prod lil witch global)
3. 030 300 003 (prod lil witch global)
4. Chemnitz Plaza (prod lil witch global)
5. Robotron300 (prod beachboygirl)
6. Wende (prod lil witch global)
7. Robotron RMX (prod lil witch global)
8. Import Export (prod beachboygirl)
9. 300K (prod lil witch global)

Volkseigene Beats (VEBs) - Publicly Owned Beats

Here you can download the beats (without lyrics) and sing over them yourself or use it for your own projects, but you can't use them for commercial projects, like advertisement etc.


#robotron003 is part of the public art exhibition GEGENWARTEN | PRESENCES, which took place from 15.8. - 25.10.2020 in Chemnitz. The work consists of three parts. A 30 meter long lettering #robotron003 is displayed at the Chemnitz Plaza, the former Robotron building. A music album is released on YouTube (and via download) under the same title. Over 4000 printed matchboxes, which are distributed in Chemnitz, point to the project, the lettering and the album.

The link to the music album is distributed printed on matchboxes in Chemnitz. Matchboxes were used to organize invitations to opposition meetings in the GDR in the late 1980s, as the exhibition "Wendezeit" in 2019 at the Schloßbergmuseum Chemnitz showed. [1]

Long read here by Sarah Siegmund 2020

[1] Here were matchboxes "Der Michaelskeller" from the 1980s, which invited to the basement of St. Michael's Church in Chemnitz, where various youth, discussion, and initiative groups met. Exhibition at the Schloßbergmuseum Chemnitz: "Wendezeit" September 15, 2019 to November 24, 2019.

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