ROBOTRON - a tech opera

PRE-FOLGE: emotianal eyebrows (room tour & squiggle eyebrows) omg

Trailer, HD Video, 4min 13sec, 2018

The official prequel of the web series Robotron - a tech opera explains the actual origin and application of the Instagram trend: Squiggle Eyebrows! In the GDR, they were already ahead of their time and knew exactly how to conjure as many waves as possible onto their eyebrows - despite often having only ONE eyebrow pencil available. Unfortunately, this knowledge was lost through disinterest.

In the previous room tour, the Green Screen Paradise is introduced - the 1-room apartment of the artist - in which the web series is produced. OMG

Titelsong: Lyrics & Rap by Futuremaps030
Beats stolen from Yung Hurn - Eisblock (prod. by Stickle)

Supported by Panke.Gallery, Favoriten Festival & HMKV

Season 01

similarities are not coincidental