Robotron - a tech opera


YouTube Web Serie, 7 Episodes, 11min, 3D Animation, 4K, 2021

New stories from the technical periphery!! A lot has changed since last time. And who is Robby, the new protagonist? Follow the whimsical plan fulfillment in front of the stunning scenery of Minecraft GDR.


The everyday work routine has returned to Robotron: KollegiH is late again, KollegiX is annoyed anyway and KollegiM always knows where to go. It's almost a bit boring ...
The Kollegis could just so get hold of tickets for the new performance of the amateur cabaret the "laughing card": "Oh, you big check"!!!
It's Monday again and the colleagues meet in the Robotron canteen for lunch.
It can't go on like this at Robotron, the monitors are getting thicker and thicker! How are the colleagues supposed to work? But don't panic, the colleagues from the research department have developed a new microcomputer system "robotron NATALI" to be able to observe the processes at the monitors exactly. Can the new birth monitoring system really help?
The colleagues have fun at work, but what happens next is unbelievable!!
The colleagues are stuck. The last hope is Robby, but is Robby really as loyal as the colleagues think? A nerve-wracking season finale begins.

Exhibition View, Kunsthalle Bremen, Prize of the B├Âttcherstrasse Bremen 2022

Exhibition view Robotron - a tech opera as part of the exhibition "Your Package Is Ready for Pickup" by Aram Bartholl, February 22, 2024, at the Art Hall Osnabr├╝ck.