Relax with no Apps - Massage Party

Relax with no Apps - Massage Party happenend on the 03.03.2018 for the first time in the universe during the temporary speculative beauty salon and duo show DIRECT CONTACT of Nadja Buttendorf and Sonja Gerdes at D21 Kunstraum Leipzig. We invited Anja Kaiser, Aram Bartholl and The Happiest Couple On Earth to exhibit and/or to perform some relaxing high-tech art practices. The different massage sessions are participatory, everyone is invited to join actively the community high-tech self-care. The TransformationCurators, Anna Jehle and Juliane Schickedanz, will take care and guide through the single sessions. Total Relaxation for the mind, body and phone!

Sonja Gerdes, Video Still

Session 1: #HOTPHONES

In this session you learn how to get your phone hotter than you. We are scrolling collectively through our smartphones until they have the right temperature to release and relax your tightened muscles. The #hotphone massage is a deeply soothing form of massage. It's a helpful tool you can easily integrate in your daily life. It makes you fit again and activates new energy for you and your smartphone.
*light therapy inclusive

Session 2: GREYSCALE IS THE NEW BLACK by Aram Bartholl

In Aram Bartholl's latest Workshop we learn how to switch our smartphone in a black and white mode: #eyemassage and instagram-addiction healing!

Session 3: SEXED REALITIES & FEMINIZER by Anja Kaiser

Sexed Realities - To Whom Do I Owe My Body? is a lecture by visual artist Anja Kaiser. The desire 4 sexed realities and their disruption is a promissed deconstruction of biological determinism.

The Feminizer are humidifiers spreading estrogen (known as the primary female sex hormone) in the air.

Anja Kaiser is head of the atmo-care-team, from sexed realities to relaxed realities.

Session 4: BassMassage@SalonButtendorf.

The_happiest_couple_on_earth (Nina Buttendorf & Felix Deufel) will shake your b00bs noiseless with their bass-massage chair!

Session 5: We are playing Massage Online Girl Games:

'Elsa is a busy queen! Every now and then she could really use a massage and relax a bit! Let's help her! Use your mouse to help Elsa!'

Session 6: Nadja's magnetic Nail Art Studio

In Nadja's magnetic Nail Art Studio we do magnetic Nail Enhancement. Instead of implants we are doing EXPLANTS! Feel Electric Magnetic Waves! It makes your life easier and more beautiful!

Sonja Gerdes, Video Still
Anja Kaiser's FEMINIZER vaporize artifical estrogen from the plastic bottles in the air.
Sexed Realities by Anja Kaiser
playing Online Girl-Massage Games on the BassMassage@SalonButtendorf.wav chair by The Happiest Couple On Earth.
Relaxing on the BassMassage Chair & and the artits wearing a very modem chain.
The TransformatorCurators playing Girl Massage Games.
Girl Massage Games:
Yes, you can also play how to repair an iphone6!
Greyscale is the new black! How to switch your phone to black and white mode, microworkshop by Aram Bartholl.
Nadja's magnetic Nail Art Studio
A very important charging station.