Find 38 songs incl. the album cover for print in the download and burn your own Marimba Mix CD if you missed your copy!

MARIMBA MIX** is the finest Collection of Songs based on the pre-installed iphone ringtone, worlds most famous ringtone now a days, selected by Selektor NUTTENDORF. The Marimba ringtones' origin is based on a percussion instrument called Marimba, similar to a Xylophon. It is the national instrument of Guatemala. MARIMBA MIX is developed in the Presence of Aram Bartholl's artwork 'Obsolet Presence' as seen in the cover. The art piece was installed @Humboldthafen in Berlin for one month in September 2017. The MARIMBA MIX released on the 21.09.2017 as an irl CD.

**This is a very nice birthday present surprise for a friend of yours!

MARIMBA MIX Release Party, 21.09.2017 at Humboldthafen Berlin: