holographic vinyl foil, 2020

A YouTube Link is printed on a T-shirt in the shape of a chain. To get to the website the link has to be typed out by hand. I and L can easily be confused. The hyperlink to the YouTube playlist no longer works as easily outside the digital space as originally intended. In times of Corona, where the QR code gets visibility and relevance, the printed hyperlink is an antistatement to machine readability.

BYOP - Bring Your Own Pulli
@ SEASON 3D Release Party

Visitors could have the link to the web series Robotron - a tech opera SEASON 3D printed on their sweaters. The plot of the #linkchain had to be weeded out by the visitors themselves. BYOP took place for the first time at the SEASON 3D Release Party on 29.10.2021 at Superrr Lab in Berlin.