chainchainchain Kopie.jpg

chainchainchain Kopie.jpg is an artist book I did with Gloria Glitzer in 2016.

Swiss brochure, 19.5x27cm, 72pages, one color Risography on 60g/m² bible print paper, cover printed in offset coated with an uv-varnish, pad stapled as japanese binding, comes with a Dragon Skin poster, 1st edition of 200copies

chainchainchain Kopie.jpg is an atlas of internet memes, reproductions of Buttendorfs art works, sketches, exhibition photos and found footage on cyborgism, jewlery, body extentions, music and nail art that describes the universe Nadja Buttendorf is moving in. And draws a visual narrativ between the contemporary posthuman body and speculative jewellery. The titles of the pictures are equal to the file names and can be found under each image, printed on the inside of the japanese binding. chainchainchain Kopie.jpg was published in februar 2016 @L.A. Art Book Fair.

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