Brooch, Aluminium, LEDs, Stainless Steel, mini USB-Port, 5.6cm x 2.15cm x 2.1cm, 2013

When the brooch is turned on, the light slowly fades in and out. A feature that is known from the Mac Book Pro. When the laptop is closed and put into sleep mode, the light on the front breathes along. Apple has adapted the light to the breathing rate of a sleeping adult person to create the most relaxed atmosphere possible. The product is meant to appear more human. There are now many tech devices that have incorporated the "Breathing Light" into their products in a similar way.

Broothing is reduced in function to the "Breathing Light". It only simulates breathing, the high-end power book has disappeared. Although the brooch is neither connected to nor dependent on the breathing of the:wearer:in, it creates a connection with the wearer. As a brooch, it brings back the smooth relaxed breathing of the computer back to the human body.

someone wears Breathing Best at the venice biennal back in 2014