🎁 Body Presents

Library for Digital Animations, Website, 2022

🎁 Body Presents is a library of full-body motion capture animations by and with Nadja Buttendorf, that offer alternative designs for digital bodies in virtual worlds. The animations can be downloaded for free and used copyright-free for your own 3D projects.

Motion capture is a process in which body movements are transferred to a digital avatar in real time. These body movements can be stored digitally and three-dimensionally. In most cases, the movements are recorded by professional dancers and performers who can move particularly well and expressively.

But what happens when bodies move only minimally and lie around on the couch or are depressed? 🎁 Body Presents is about the different valuation of body positions in an economically oriented class society. On the one hand, many people spend a large part of their working hours sitting in front of a computer, while on the other hand, the body lying around is valued less. Positions are also valued differently in terms of income: while a rich person is described as cool when lying around, a poor person is called lazy.

This project was initiated at the invitation of Darsha Hewitt within the framework of thehost.is in 2022. A digital residency program by Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Kampnagel.

Exhibition View: Body Presents, or do you mean Body Presence? @Kampnagel Hamburg, 2022

3 selected animations of Nadja rotate slowly around their own axis as holograms. Inflatable sofas are set up in front of the holograms. The holograms are best viewed from a sitting position. 32 foil balloons result in the project URL bodypresents.nadjabuttendorf.com.

photos of the exhibition: Henning Rogge / Deichtorhallen Hamburg